What should I tell my client to wear? For instance, my client has arrived in skinny jeans and a white silk shirt what do you do?

First, don’t freak out! Give them these options:

  • if they can go home or to the store and grab something loose and baggy let them. But not everyone has the $$ or live close to the salon.
  • Prepare them that the spray MAY ruin their clothes or their fabulous tan. You have to make sure you lay all your cards on the table. You do not want someone to come back with “you have ruined my shirt etc”.
  • The power of baby powder! It’s fast drying and helps the product not get on clothing as much!

What if I turn orange?

Anyone can turn orange in the wrong hands and with the wrong product. We’ll answer this question in more detail in our video or hands on training.

How do I keep my client’s hands from turning orange?

  • Application of barrier cream
  • Technique

What if my client has a sunburn or is peeling?

You should never spray tan over peeling skin. Why? Well because it’s just going to peel off. Think of peeling paint on a wall. A sunburn may not peel. But you have to advise your client to be sure to keep their skin moisturized and you should spray your client light in that area as the red could cause it to pull very dark.

How do I tan an obese client?

Your biggest concern is probably how to deal with folds of the skin, sweating, do I ask the to lift up their skin or do I do it for them, etc.? This also goes hand in hand with tanning women with large breasts.

Here at Queen Bee Salon & Spa, we show you step-by-step how to get around all of these issues without feeling as though you are manhandling your client or making them feel self-conscious. We also address how to spray a pregnant client in this category.

I have a group of girls under 17 who want to spray. Is this ok?

Parental consent is necessary and I would advise that an adult accompany the minor during the service.

Do I allow my male clients to go nude and if so, what is protocol?

Absolutely. Use your judgment well, if you believe that they are there for something other than a spray tan, excuse yourself from the room.

Tell a supervisor you are uncomfortable and do not feel safe. You will both politely ask your client to get dressed and that perhaps this is not the establishment for him.

How do I protect myself from ingesting the solution?

Wear a mask always and ensure you have proper ventilation in the room.

My client has asked if I use an Organic solution. How do I respond?

There is no such thing as an organic solution. If 100% of the ingredients are not organic, you cannot label it as such.

My client wants her first spray before his/her wedding or a big event. When do I tell them to come in?

At least 2 weeks (preferably a month) before the big day. Do a patch test, or the whole body.

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