My client has an erection and pre-erectal discharge.

Most men are very nervous before a BroZilian wax, and it is normal for them to have an erection. Cover them with a small towel and have them hold their penis to the side.

Some estheticians ask that the clients’ partner accompany them or that there is another esthetician in the room. If a client has pre-ejaculate leakage, he may visit the bathroom to clean up. Please refer to our video on the Male Brozilian Wax.

Above all, listen to your intuition. You will have an innate feeling about whether your male client is there for reasons other than receiving a professional service. If this is the case, politely ask him to get dressed and tell him you cannot continue the service.

My male clients are frustrated with the breakouts that sometimes occur on their backs and chests after getting waxed. What do I do?

This is all about education for yourself and for your client. Before the next time he comes in, have your client use the Queen Bee Salon & Spa Anti Bac Attack wash for a few days. He can leave it on in the shower for two minutes before rinsing.

Before his wax, wipe him down with a regular Buzz Off Bumps pad. Do this again immediately after the wax (if his skin is not too sensitive). If he tends to get whiteheads, apply a little bacitracin. After the wax, he should continue to use Anti Bac Attack every day and Buzz Off Bumps pads one to two times a day.

I have used high frequency with some success on the back and chest immediately after a wax. In some cases, I will also apply five to 10% benzoyl peroxide.This isn’t an exact science, but rather knowing how sensitive your client’s skin is and what it can handle.

My client constantly cancels, shows up late and sometimes doesn’t show up at all.

Being a part of the service industry has its pros and cons. The cons are that if we don’t have a client, we don’t get paid. There will be clients who take your time for granted if you allow bad behavior to go unchecked.

For new clients, take a credit card as a deposit. Let your client know you are doing this for their first service only and that you will not charge the card unless they do not show or cancel right before the appointment.

For those who arrive 10 minutes late or more, politely tell them that their service will most likely be cut short because you cannot be late for your next client.

For clients who run very late, very often, I would suggest asking them to wait until you are done with the client scheduled after them. Most of the time, this amount of time spent waiting is frustrating and they won’t want to do it again!

For those rare clients who simply cannot change bad habits, I would suggest telling them that you are not a good match and that you wish them the best of luck.

Remember, you don’t have to be rude, but your time is just as important as anybody else’s.

My back and hands are in agony every day at work.

This is very common in our industry. You must get the ergonomics of how to stand at your waxing or facial table down to an art. Bending over, sticking out your chin and twisting your wrists can cause major fatigue on your muscles. Find a position that feels right and make sure you correct yourself when you find yourself getting into bad postures.

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