What if somebody asks for a shape you know won’t look good on them?

A true artist innately knows what shape will look most natural on any client. Instead of arguing with your client, ask them politely if they are open to suggestions. If not, give them what they want, even if you don’t agree. At least you can back yourself up.

Some of my clients are missing small sections of brows on one side

This sometimes happens to people who consistently sleep on the same side. Suggest coloring in the area with a pencil or powder or suggest a hair growth stimulant such as Latisse. Explain to your client that the side they sleep on usually doesn’t grow hair because of constant rubbing against a pillow.

What should I do if a client has no brows or has over tweezed them and I know the hair will not grow back. How can I educate this type of client with solutions while also managing their expectations?

You have to be honest with your client. Give them full disclosure after your first consultation. If they have over-plucked or waxed too often, that hair may never grow back. A difficult client may expect a miracle from you, so gently advise them of this and ask if they have tried any hair growth stimulators. If the area is scarred, let them know that hair cannot grow on a scarred area and that they should use a pencil or powder to fill it in.

I took off too much brow hair. What do I do?!

Oops, time to disclose your mistake. Apologize, give a free brow wax and show them how to fill it in. Assure them it will grow back.

My client says his or her brows aren’t even.

Let’s remember, brows are sisters, NOT twins. It is very rare that brows are identical and that is due to one side of the face being higher than the other.

Middle Eastern clients are the most fortunate since they have thicker hair and sometimes a higher bone structure, giving them the appearance of very even brows.

Be honest with your client and let her know that although you will do an amazing job, her brows will not be perfectly symmetrical. However, with some coloring in, they can look perfect. Then, show her how to do this so that she can maintain her brows at home.

My client’s brow and upper lip are inflamed and very red after her wax. What happened?

It is imperative that you ask EVERY client who sits in your chair if he or she is using any retinols, have had a peel recently, are taking antibiotics or using Accutane. If they are, you CANNOT wax them. However, to make them happy, you can offer to tweeze only.

To alleviate redness in the skin, mix one part pure aloe vera with one part 1% cortisone or a little calendula. Massage thoroughly into the skin, this includes brows, lip and all facial areas. A gentle effleurage motion can actually bring the redness out of the skin.

Tell your client to take an anti-inflammatory for redness or an anti-histamine if they tend to get hives. For whiteheads, use a mild antibacterial wash with a thin application of bacitracin.

My client scabbed a little under her brow.

You probably went too low on the brow area, on skin that is too loose and thin. Refer to our brow videos for proper protocol on application.

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