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  • Male Brozilian Wax

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    Academy content is intended for licensed cosmetologists, estheticians and others working in the beauty industry. Please be aware that the some of the waxing videos (such as The Full Monty, The Brozilian and Bikini Wax) are inevitably graphic in nature and only intended for an appropriate audience pursuing advanced education as a waxing, skin care, spray tanning and/or cosmetology professional. By playing any Queen Bee Academy video, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old and a salon/spa professional engaged in continuing education. Any viewing for personal use or entertainment is strictly prohibited.

    Length: 35:46

    Why should girls have all the fun? Men want Brazilian waxing, too, and this video demonstrates step-by-step how to perform The Brozilian wax service. In this video, you will learn:

    • How to do a male Brazilian wax
    • How to set up your client’s skin in anticipation of the wax
    • How to position your client
    • How to position yourself around your client
    • How to determine exactly how much hair a client would like to remove
    • The common hair growth pattern in this area
    • How to hold your client’s skin during the service
    • Where to have your client hold their skin during the service
    • How to check whether you’ve left stray hairs
    • A conversation with Jodi and Candi
      • How to determine whether you should perform this service
      • The appropriate way to greet your client and appropriate bedside manner
      • Male clients are very specific about what they are looking for
      • Do men often have an inappropriate physical reaction to the wax? How to handle it in the rare occasion this occurs.
      • The normal physical reactions that occur and how to handle them
      • Determining whether a client’s scrotum is safe to wax
      • The appropriate home care for client’s skin after the wax
      • How often a man should be waxed in this area

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