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  • Brazilian Wax – Sticky Situations

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    Academy content is intended for licensed cosmetologists, estheticians and others working in the beauty industry. Please be aware that the some of the waxing videos (such as The Full Monty, The Brozilian and Bikini Wax) are inevitably graphic in nature and only intended for an appropriate audience pursuing advanced education as a waxing, skin care, spray tanning and/or cosmetology professional. By playing any Queen Bee Academy video, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old and a salon/spa professional engaged in continuing education. Any viewing for personal use or entertainment is strictly prohibited.

    Length: 29:54

    Before you can sell a Brazilian wax service, you have to know how to perform it. It’s a bit trickier than simply removing all of the hair…down there. To build a reputation for being the best at Brazilians, you need to know how to do them as if it’s the only waxing service you perform. This video details the ins-and-outs of performing a Brazilian wax service, including:

    • How to perform a Brazilian wax even while encountering various sticky situations:
      • What happens if we apply too much wax?
      • What happens if my wax spreads into a different section?
      • What if the client trims her hair too short?
      • What happens if you bruise your client? How do bruises happen during a wax?
      • What happens if you have a client with a fresh C-Section or other surgery scar?
      • How can you wax someone who is not flexible or has physical limitations that might make the wax difficult?
      • What positions to use with a pregnant client
      • The different ways to position a client’s legs
      • How to remove wax that does not come off with your pull or that sticks to the skin
      • What are “fissures” and how should we wax around them?
      • What happens if your client is having her period?
    • The most difficult section of a Brazilian wax
    • After-wax care


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