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Bee Wise FAQs

  • Female Waxing

    Female Waxing

    Our solutions to some sticky circumstances that occur to every Brazilian waxer.

  • Male Waxing

    Male Waxing

    Our best suggestions for handling the unique situations you are sure to encounter when waxing men.

  • Eyebrow & Facial Waxing

    Eyebrow & Facial Waxing

    Our tips for creating natural, not cookie cutter, brows while protecting the delicate skin of the face.

  • Spray Tanning

    Spray Tanning

    Our answers to the most commonly asked questions of our award-winning spray tanners.

  • Mani-Pedi Services

    Mani-Pedi Services

    Our advice to nail technicians who want to provide a European-style nail service without chop shop mentality.

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