Pre-Surgery Waxing: Vasectomies & C-sections

QueenBee-pre-op-waxing101To wax or shave?
This is a common question from clients about to undergo a surgery. There are the obvious concerns about itchy post-surgery skin, so waxing the area is preferable because the hair is pulled from the follicle and it’s less likely to itch.

Although it may sound horrendous to a man, waxing the scrotum and the area underneath it is not as bad as it sounds, especially in the hands of an expert. At Queen Bee, we like to give full disclosure as to what happens during this service. Firstly, it’s efficient. We apply a lotion to the area to be waxed (not a numbing cream) and then apply small, one-inch pieces of wax. The wax is removed gently and efficiently with a pellon strip. The skin will be held taught by your esthetician and you are expected to help with this. Some guys like to bring their significant others for support. I mean, it’s the least they can do! The benefits of waxing this area are that your skin is left silky smooth and clean for weeks. Shaving the area can irritate the skin and leaves stubble that causes unnecessary itching in your nether regions, which can then lead to infections and total embarrassment. If you’re feeling apprehensive, call and chat with one of our male waxing specialists. This is a professional service, and we can assure complete discretion and professionalism on our part.

Ladies, before a c-section or hysterectomy, waxing is a great option for you. We ask that you come in four days before the procedure. (We also highly recommend getting waxed a month before to ensure you don’t have a reaction.) We’ll prep the area with astringent and then carefully and efficiently remove the unwanted hair. Based on stories from other clients, shaving is a nightmare for people having surgeries close to the bikini line. A good shave depends on your skill level and the quality of your blade, and a bad shave can leave your skin raw, irritated and susceptible to infection.

Additionally, if you want to continue to wax after your surgery, it is best to wait at least four to six weeks before resuming. If your scar is still sensitive, we recommend not waxing over it or too close to it. Ten minutes of massage on top of the scar every night will help break down scar tissue underneath.

Always feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

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