Man up to Hair Removal!

QB-RoosterThis one is for the boys: I recently stumbled upon a hilarious snippet about nostril hair vs. bad breath. The upshot: women are nearly evenly split about which is worse – meaning you should be sure to take care of both on a regular basis. And since I’m in the business of hair removal, I felt compelled to share my own thoughts regarding the more intricate male grooming practices. Whilst I have a lot to say, I’ll keep this short:

As an OCD person, I will always notice stray hairs, whether they are hanging out of your nose, Rapunzel-style; poking from your eyebrows and picking up local radio stations; or flowing out of your ears like a Hobbit. I can’t help it; I was born this way. If you sense I am talking about you, let me assure you that we can help. Coarse eyebrows can be trimmed or plucked, and the inside perimeter of your nostrils can be waxed, as can the outside of your ears. The perks are endless! You’ll suddenly have a better sense of smell. You’ll snore less. You’ll be able to hear a pin drop. Perhaps most enticingly, you’ll no longer look like you’re wearing a science exhibit on your face! Instead you’ll look like a slightly enhanced version of yourself, but no one will be able to quite put their finger on what’s different. And that’s worth at least a moment or two in my chair.

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