How to Bee the NewBee in Town

how-to-bee-the-newbeeIt can be very daunting to start working at a new salon or spa when you’re either fresh out of school or have just left a job that you had for a while. I’ve been that person and I’ve learned a few valuable lessons about how to fit in with new co-workers and handle a new environment. Here are my tips:

1. Be Humble.
It’s best to stay humble. Don’t boast about how fast a waxer you are or how many clients you had at your past job. Be open to learning how your new establishment runs; it’s probably different than what you are used to. If you’re brand new to the game, be prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up. Don’t expect to be CEO on your first day! As we long-timers say at Queen Bee, “You have to be prepared to pay your dues!”, and that means hard work minus the ego.

2. Become Part of the Team & Chip In!
Ask fellow staff members if they need help with anything. Offer to make drinks for clients. If you see an area that is untidy, clean it up. Talk to your co-workers about their work style and ask if they can give you any advice for becoming as busy and successful as they are.

3. Work Hard Without Complaining.
Hard work pays off, so be willing to put in the time and effort. A couple smart ways to do this? Pick up shifts when co-workers are sick or are on vacation or offer to be on call when your managers need extra help. They will come to value and rely on you, and you will move up the ladder much faster.

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