Building Clientele through the Holidays and into the New Year

queenbee-holiday-doorHoliday Season is the best time to grow your clientele! When Queen Bee was just me myself and I, it became very apparent to me that my busiest times of year were the holidays. I’m not just talking about Valentine’s Day, July 4th etc. I mean every holiday that is on this fine nation’s calendar. I tried not to plan any trips for myself a week before any holiday because I knew I could build up my clients at those times.

I found that customers would call their favorite places last minute, only to be disappointed because they were booked up. Since I advertised online and wherever else possible, people were able to get my number and give me a try. I would get the usual “My place is booked. Can you take me?” I would always say yes, regardless of how long my day was. Honestly, I didn’t care what time of day or evening it was. I knew that if I could get that client into my one-person room I would try my British best to get them to return to me.

Once you have been in this industry long enough, you will know the ebbs and flows of client traffic. We know at Queen Bee that January can take a while to pick up, that tax season sucks for most service-related industries and that during the summer holidays a lot of our clients have packed up and gone away with their families.

Here are the times you should be prepared to slug it out, work as much as you can, and build build build!

  • Valentines Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • July 4th
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Halloween (think spray tans, nail art and waxing!)
  • Thanksgiving
  • December holiday season – Hanukahh, Christmas, New Year etc.

I am often asked how we stay busy in the new year. We’ve been around a while so fortunately we have our loyal clients, but it doesn’t mean to say we can be complacent. We try to encourage our clients to pre-book January appointments so that they get their reward points. Recently we ran a food drive for the homeless; if clients bring in non-perishable food items for dogs, cats and our local homeless population we are rewarding them with a $10 gift card to put toward certain services in January. It has been really successful and our clients love it. Not only are we giving back to our community, but we are ensuring business in a slower month.

I’ll admit, my bonkers hours have played a little hell on my social and family life, but I am a completely driven human being, and if I didn’t have that initial drive, Queen Bee, might not have Bee-n!

Happy Holidays and may 2016 be a fantastic year for everybody!

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