How did Jodi Shays transition from independent esthetician to global skincare and waxing powerhouse? It’s simple: with education, an obsessive need to perfect her technique, and an unending desire to give her clients the best-possible experience.

So when it came time to expand her team, Jodi knew that anyone working at Queen Bee Salon & Spa had to deliver the same excellent quality of service as she did. Consistency was mandatory, which meant Jodi would personally train anyone working for her, and until they perfected a service, they couldn’t move up to the more demanding (and profitable) waxing services.

Jodi’s talent for teaching is proven by her team: she has personally trained hundreds of estheticians with a desire to push their annual income from the industry average into six figures.

Success starts with a never-ending commitment to provide the finest in client service. There is no detail too small or technique too trivial to overlook. With write-ups in national magazines and nearly 20,000 clients at three salons, Queen Bee Salon & Spa has become one of America’s premiere skincare and waxing destinations.

This commitment to education is the secret behind Queen Bee Salon & Spa’s stellar reputation. It’s the reason why the salon enjoys a 92% 4- and 5-star Yelp rating, and the hook that pulls in clients – and keeps them coming back, over and over.

Jodi launched Queen Bee Academy to help any licensed esthetician or cosmetologist who wants to work toward achieving his or her dreams.